Marooner's Bay A5a

Why does this place smell like salmon?

  1. Got the cabinets back from the impound

    Readded cabinets to red spawn

    Added new health and ammo kits near mid (might move them closer to team spawns for more of an advantage to attacking teams)

    Removed buildings to open up the path toward the flank towards mid
  2. Coming back into port

    Wow its been a while for this map to get some changes...

    This update for Marooner's bay includes the following

    Destroyed a massive sniper sight line at mid due to how much range sniper had in the previous versions
    Got rid of the main flank path at mid
    Started to detail the map more
    Got rid of the overhangs around the main paths​


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    5. 20180327200537_1.jpg
    6. 20180327200621_1.jpg
  3. Health kits and a major clipping fix

    People didn't notice the medium health packs on the map so I decided to double up for more health

    Added hazard tape to make capture area a bit more obvious

    Clipped roof above the cap
  4. Coming to Port

    This Update for Marooner's bay includes the following:

    • Reworked the the layout for the map, to divert the "ring around the rosey" like gameplay
    • Added a building to house the control point and to provide cover
    • Enlarged the spawn rooms for aesthetics and for future detailing
    • Began to detail in some areas
    • Made the spawn courtyards smaller
    Developer's notes: I have a good feeling with the current layout as I believe it will encourage flanking less than the previous...
  5. Imp trusted

    Version for the next imp, as the previous version was skipped during the last imp
  6. Port forwarding

    This update of Marooner's Bay includes the following changes:

    General changes:
    • The start of Art passing the map to fit its given name
    • made dark rooms lighter
    • fixed patches for vital Health and ammo

    Remade spawn rooms:
    • Removed 3rd exit due to lack of use
    • Added an additional spawn points for a total of 16 players per team
    • Moved Resupply lockers
    • fixed an issue regarding my use of clipping
    Layout changes:
    • Broke up sight-lines by...
  7. Minor Update

    Thanks again to @Heroriks for pointing out some more flaws for this minor update!

    Fixed Red being able to spawn in Blu's spawn room

    Fixed texture errors on flank routes.

    fixed control point outline texture

    Added cover to flank route.
  8. We leave port

    Special thanks to @Heroriks for pointing out the issues with my map to help me make this update possible!

    Changes to Marooner's bay include:

    • Remaking both of the team's respawn rooms to try and alleviate possible spawn camping
    • Reworked routes prone to sniper sight-lines
    • Added a new route to each of the team's stairwell rooms for ease of flanking the other team. (if this change is too powerful, I am willing to change this route for the better.)
    • Removed...