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  1. AngryMustache9

    Port Pegleg B4

    Port Pegleg is a King of the Hill Map, where RED and BLU fight in a historical German town based on it's pirate themed 17th Century heritage and squabble over a control point on the top of a vintage pirate ship. It uses mirrored symmetry. Welcome to Port Pegleg, a old historical town in...
  2. Rhamkin

    Greed a2a

    My entry for the 72 hour jam 2022 that i made in collaboration with cook
  3. OKaseris


    Update p9: Looted the Packages Patched the Flags Hidden the Treasure Through PowderOil Barrels Delivered the Cargo in TIme Updates: Logic Works. Added Crockodiles Reduced Time to 1380s Fixed wrong geometry Mirrored advantages Kicked Noobs Added Physics Set Party Schedule Blacklisted Morons...
  4. [SWE] PansaR

    Pirate Cove A1 2020-09-06

    This is Art we made in Gmod, it contains pirates, this is a downloadable jpg picture, the map that we used are pd_cursed_cove_event, the cosmetics used are in-game accepted items, we made this art for this event because we love the Team Fortress 2 community. a collaboration between. [SWE]...
  5. Petachepas

    The Scouting Scoundrel 2019-08-05

    Just pop the folder unzipped into your "custom" forder in "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\" and give it a try! Concept by Vipes
  6. Bakscratch

    Cursed Cove rc3

    WE HAVE A SERVER! "connect" or search "Cursed Cove" on server Browser! To explore the map by yourself, Open the console and type "map workshop/1498584149" (Must be subbed to work) or Open the console and type "map pd_cursed_cove_rc1" Overview: Set on the shores of a town...
  7. ethosaur

    Small Pirate prop pack A1

    Very early work in progress, some of the models have some UV maps set up but no textures yet. Im still learning to model, so this was just a practice. Feel free to texture, edit and try to finish the model(s) yourself. But please do credit me if you want to use them!
  8. [EIST] Tf2Master :3

    Pirate Coast B1

    Red pirates had attacked the mining town and now blue team need to push them away. This map is a 3cp pyramid style, (like Gravelpit) and has a 7200x7280u size. Here some screenshoots of the map: Well this is my 4th or 5th map made in tf2, and the 3rd published on tf2map.net, I didnt...
  9. OctoBlitz

    Marooner's Bay A5a

    Marooner's Bay is the koth map I first adopted and turned into Koth_fiesta, after a year away, I decided to give this project more love and attention then I did when I first started mapping. The base layout of the map is by @MaccyF as they were the original creator of the map before I adopted...
  10. CaptainCannonman

    Only room for one captain on this ship lad! 2017-08-07

    This Is a poster of my demoman executing an opponents. Haven't decided on which exact type of opponent it Is, but I doubt that matters much. Besides, that leaves room for interpretation :) This Is also my first time taking part in a 72hr Jam, so forgive me if I made any mistakes in my post.
  11. ethosaur

    72hr pl_cove a3

    A payload map map set in the theme (Once detailed) with pirate-like town stuff and caves with lots of gold and other booty. Credits: I used ultimate mapping resource pack for the payload part. Sadly I ran out of time to make this map 100% playable in its current state. Health/ammo is...