Malachite Mining Sign Re-upload

Only the finest mines!

  1. Nicky
    Do you ever feel you need a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral? Or maybe something composed principally of the silicate minerals plagioclase feldspar? Or maybe you just need something shiny to wow your loved one when you propose? Well, whatever you need a mineral for, Malachite Mining has got you covered! With just a small price of about 9,999,999,999... woah thats a lot of nines... dollars (or whatever currency your region has), you can own any crystalline material of your choice!

    A poster I made for @Malachite Man . Probaby should be used on the RED side of the map, due to its tones, but could probably be used anywhere. The size of the texture is 512x512. When you download the zip, you will get:


    The path for the texture should be materials/signs/malachite_mining_sign.vtf
    If you use this in your map, please be sure to credit me!


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