LumberLand a7

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LumberLand a7

Lumber Mill themed attack and defend

LumberLand is a sawmill themed Attack and Defend map inspired by the Redneck Rampage level of the same name. I plan on making this a 3 stage map with Stage one only currenly available for testing.

Stage 1: Blu pushing into the mill
Stage 2: Main sawmill and lumber storage
Stage 3: Back of sawmill and TRAINsportation
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. Still a7

    -repacked map
  2. Stage 2 take 2

    - increased cap times for stage 2 points -added one way doors for red in stage 2 -made saw blade hazard easier to identify -added bullet block on saw blade area so they can't be shot through -added doors that open and close when A is capped in...
  3. Stage 2 quick edit

    -added new path for red to A on stage 2