loot_diamondmine a6

Custom gamemode

  1. A2 update (complete remake)

    The map has been completely remade from the ground up !

    Notable change includes train, diamond extractors, and new layout

    • Gamemode change:
      • Now score based instead of time based
      • The train comes collecting diamonds for 60 seconds every 120 seconds.
      • There are now only 6 diamonds extractor, with higher spawn rate, but limited stock. (40 diamonds per extractor)
      • First team to 100 wins
    • Layout changes:
      • Delivering zones are now merged
      • Spawns are now above the map
      • Spawns have windows for orientation
      • Bigger cave, completely new layout
      • Shorter outside area
      • Map is thiccer wider
    • Removed opening grids (no more SCROOO...)
    • Moved healthpack and ammos
    • Changed cliffs textures
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