KOTH_Stinkeye B2

Its King of the Hill, but the Hill is protected by a massive multi-stage brush-and-entity boss!

  1. Adding the VMF

    I Darkstar X
    -Actually included the .vmf this time, sorry XD
  2. Not-So-Angry Boss Update

    I Darkstar X
    -Boss has had health reduced by about 30%
    -Cap time slightly faster
    -Eye Laser is now not an instant kill but will set you on fire.
  3. The Texturing Update

    I Darkstar X
    -Replaced all dev textures. (The screenshots of the boss guns remain unchanged because they're not important.)
    -Added some ropes to center area.
    -Boss now makes a noise when it gets damaged. (The classic "ding" sound effect, specifically. Everyone can hear it though, which is to prevent slowdown when multiple sources are damaging it, as it would jump around and cause lag and possibly crashing.)