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koth_spillway rc3a

Compact KOTH map set in a hydroelectric dam

  1. rc3a

    rc3a changelog:

    - fixed missing LDR lightmap data
    - fixed missing pipe model in detail room behind RED spawn
  2. rc3

    menu photos PNG.png

    rc3 changelog:

    - added mission briefing photos
    huh. thought i did that already.
    - fixed soundscapes not resetting on new round
    turns out env_soundscape is amongst the small number of entities that don't reset on new rounds.
    also turns out that OnMultiNewRound doesn't fire in KOTH, but OnMapSpawn does. wild.
    - fixed a bunch of areas under stairs being blockbullets'd instead of playerclipped
    - damside grating clipping is now blockbullets instead of playerclip
  3. rc2


    - brightened team exits onto damside
    20200106181948_1.jpg 20200106181952_1.jpg
    - stair clips are now blockbullets
    - fixed unassigned overlay faces
    - adjusted displacements by sewer tunnels
    - added no entry sign to BLU spawn detail door
    - fixed z-fighting on capture zone railings
    - fixed misaligned light in RED spawn
    - remembered to update soundscape file
    rc1c didn't have soundscapes packed because i'm a fuckin dumbass
  4. rc1c


    - changed helipad diamondplate from white to grey to alleviate HDR issues
    - clipped vents over short spawn exit
    - adjusted detail door in RED lobby to make it clearer it doesn't open
    - mid cubemaps now correctly reflect the control point
  5. rc1b


    - custom asset cleanup
    - added trims to mid stairs
    - soundscape improvements
    - adjusted damside signs
  6. rc1a


    - updated soundscapes
    -- fixed audible water before the spillway opens on point capture

    got lucky with the repack compression and somehow saved 3MB. no idea. don't ask.
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  7. rc1(!!!!!!!!!)



    - adjusted spawnpoint directions
    - improved cubemaps:
    -- fixed weird cubemaps on floor leading out of team bases to damside
    -- upped cubemap resolution and improved placement of cubemaps for reflective windows
    -- turbines now appear in mid cubemaps
    - changed lobby stairs to diamondplate metal
    - changed helipad overlay
    - fixed missing overlays on damside fence signs
    - fixed red barrel in BLU lobby
  8. b2


    - clipped mid pillar bevel
    - propjumps at turbines are now equal on both sides
    - made damside pipes nonsolid
    - changed damside fences
    - tightened clipping on mop and bucket in RED battlements
    - adjusted spawnrooms
    - fixed func_smokevolumes in spawnrooms
    - added frames to detail doors
    - added trim to damside windows
    - adjusted spawnroom pipes
    - added trim to damside diamondplate metal floor
    - ronck
    - removed collisions from sewer tunnel caps
    they weren't acting solid anyway and...
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  9. b1


    - art pass!
    - made battlements windows one-way (mid-facing side is now opaque)
    - reduced amount of cover damside
    - submerging viewpoint in damside water no longer banishes you to the shadow realm
    - lowered sewer water to ankle height (8hu), removed teleporter nobuild and extinguish trigger
    it was a janky and nonstandard gameplay element. fuck that.
    - adjusted mid interior cover, blocked crack sightline
    - clipped doorways, big sewer pipes
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  10. a18


    - added railings to stop people falling from the control point to the lower floor
    it was kinda awkward in combat, though i still want those ramps to be pretty open. best of both worlds.
    - adjusted clipping on stairs to control point


    1. 20190911132840_1.jpg
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