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koth_spillway rc3a

Compact KOTH map set in a hydroelectric dam

  1. rc3

    menu photos PNG.png

    rc3 changelog:

    - added mission briefing photos
    huh. thought i did that already.
    - fixed soundscapes not resetting on new round
    turns out env_soundscape is amongst the small number of entities that don't reset on new rounds.
    also turns out that OnMultiNewRound doesn't fire in KOTH, but OnMapSpawn does. wild.
    - fixed a bunch of areas under stairs being blockbullets'd instead of playerclipped
    - damside grating clipping is now blockbullets instead of playerclip
    - clipped pipes above the shutter door at mid
    - fixed a bunch of pipes in each spawnroom having collissions
    - handtruck in tunnel beneath mid is now nonsolid
    -- added small blockbullets on its wheels to prevent hiding stickybombs
    - fixed observer point half-obscured by a pipe
    - clipped barrels by BLU computers
    world's shittest pixel walk
    - removed the Single Prop used from snowycoast assets
    - fixed missing clipping next to stairs beside point on BLU side
    - fixed pipes clipping into metal trim on mid
    - updated matte pipe edits to new versions
    oh my god i had to repath every fucking pipe model
    - fixed some helipad brushes not being tied to func_detail
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