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koth_solstice a5

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koth_solstice a5

A KOTH map

Solstice is my second map, and my first attempt at making a real map, where I test what I have learned and try to make something fun, playable, and good looking (maybe).

Made for the Back 2 Basics Contest.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. koth_solstice

    Updates: -Lowered the mid point a bit and added ramps up to it -Removed some unnecessary pickups near spawn -Made the ramp room coming out of left spawn smaller, and added cover for the doorway -Replaced the garage area with a watery death pit...
  2. koth_solstice

    Uploaded wrong file, please refer to previous changelog smh
  3. koth_solstice

    Updates: -Raised the control point to try and make the point easier to cap (experimental) -Cut off a flank route to make enemies less likely to come from literally anywhere -Removed a bit of cover that just annoyed players coming out of spawn...