koth_power_feud a9a

2 teams one feud

  1. The Remodeling Update 3

    so the map is getting no improvement... until now!

    + Complete remake of mid
    + No more pointless jumping
    + Sniper dec is now more useful
    + More height variation
    + Even less pointless jumping
    - Removed sightlines
    - Removed 2 hp and replaced with 2 ammo
  2. The Remodeling Update 2!

    so *heheh* funny story...a7 and a8 are the same thing...it's complicated

    anyway! on to the update

    -removed 2 hp packs on battlements
    -removed ammo medium on battlements and replaced it with small
    -removed prop stairs and replaced with wood boards
    +more interesting hallways!
    +hp and ammo added to the water building
    -removed the pesky ladders

    i probably forgot something, but it was probably not important
    thanks to all the EU testers!
  3. The Remodeling Update!

    after a *ahem* eventful test (and a server crash)
    i finally got the information i needed for a proper update!

    this is: The Remodeling Update!

    -removed spawn sightline
    -removed exploding barrels
    +fixed void leak
    +battlements are bigger
    +New Room!!!
    +added 2 new hp packs
    +fixed missing textures
    +walls at cap
    +lowered the roof of a few rooms

    i might have forgotten something but it's probably not a big deal
    anyway hope you all enjoy the update!...
  4. test 2 update!

    +hp packs
  5. packupdate

    i packed it
  6. test 1 update

    added a bunch of new stuff and fixed some problems! and big thanks to the eu testers!
  7. clipping

    i forgot to clip it XD