koth_mountainlake A3

Rotationally Symmetrical koth map (soon to be) aesthetically based on mountain lab.

  1. Holden
    This is my first serious map, I've had experience making tiny 1v1 maps for fun, but this is the first with a functional gamemode meant for full teams.
    I've only had small playtest on it with a couple of friends so far but I'm pretty happy with the gameplay portion of the map. I recently made some changes to try and limit the power of snipers but I'm still not sure if they are in a good spot.
    If anyone downloads this, I'd greatly appreciate some feedback!
    Also tips on how to do detailing because I have no idea what to do to make things look nice.


    Respawn room/Respawn room courtyard:
    Buildings in front of Mid:
    Alternate Picture of Mid:

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  1. epicness5000
    Version: _A2
    its looking good so far, but i think there is too many places to fall out of the world