koth_keep A6

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koth_keep A6

Small Koth Map

Second Koth Tf2 Map:

Focusing more on gameplay with A versions being all dev textures.

I have plans to detail the map once the game play and layout is figured out.
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. koth_keep_A6

    - Cleanup of the Battlements - Replaced angled floor with displacements - Increased the size of the capture zone - Removed dividing wall in the rear path area - Clean up of wall geometry - Added a ramp on the pool to make it easier to exit -...
  2. koth_keep_A5

    -Modified the number and sizes of health-packs -Began to lower some of the walls around the map -Lowered the pedestal for the full health-pack -Began texturing
  3. koth_keep_A4

    -Removed cover from point to reduce camping -Made the full health pack obtainable -Remade the rear flank walkway -Added more battlements to give vertical attack angle on the point -Added walkway above the point from the flank hallway -No build...