koth_guttersplit a3_1

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koth_guttersplit a3_1

A KOTH map splitted by a gutter

A koth map splitted in two by a gutter.

A point you have to drop on.

Fun for all :D
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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  • koth_alongside
    A small KOTH map to learn how to make maps. Devboxes Only.

Latest updates

  1. Minor fixes

    - Removed player Clip - Added back the pipe beyond the point - Added fence on ramp to sniper nest
  2. A third option

    Changlog : - added A drop-down from the top of the point (from sniper-nest) - Enlarged the saferoom near pier - Raised Skybox - Clipped the top of some building - Removed the central pipe on the point - Added cover near spawn - Diminished cover...
  3. koth_guttersplit_A2_1 : No more fucked up Spawntimes

    A small update that should fix the biggest mistakes of A2 Change log: - shorter spawntime - shorter captime - No more lava Tower - No more Middle pipe on point - Healthkit symmetry is back