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it is what it says on the tin

-overhauled most lighting to get rid of light entities and make light_spot's the primary source of lighting
-lighting is generally brighter
-opened up the alleyway and the area behind the sniper balcony
-detailed a little bit in the area behind the sniper balcony
-other minor fixes

small update so i can get it tested and get an idea of what i want to do next

-removed windows near sniper balcony at mid
-added wood wall at spawn
-shortened the right-side hallway going into the lobby areas
-other small brushwork adjustments

i've honestly forgotten all the crap that i did since a3 so uh
big changes to the spawn area
-covered some of the main entrance to lobby to prevent snipers camping spawn
-raised spawn up so that the main door is level and the previously level door is now 96hu above the sidewalk
-got rid of an exit and tightened up the spawnroom a bit
-cut a huge chunk out of the area directly in front of spawn
-moved the spawnroom location to help improve flow
update stuff:
-tightened up an area in lobby
-removed a window in lobby
-got rid of the bus outside of spawn
-replaced some cover near mid
-made the flank room's roof a bit tighter
-new skybox lighting
-better fake lights
-signs now have red/blue lights

fixed the name of the map because VBOT is finicky