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  1. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Downtown Smackdown Gameday!

    Banner made by the ever legendary Custard1! Hello, and welcome, to the Downtown Smackdown! In this Gameday, take the battle to the streets in these 10 city/town based maps and cause as much collateral damage as you can while kicking the tar out of your enemies! Place:
  2. Coolstuff

    Ultitrio Aesthetic b8

    An Ultitrio map I've been working on for a while and decided I'd finally post it. I paid significant attention to its lighting and design aspects for Ultitrio's inclusion of Scout. This map could also work for Ultiduo too, but it has small details like the protrusion at the bottom of the point...

    koth_subsystem A2.5

    Koth_Subsystem is a classic king of the hill metro themed map
  4. spruce

    Metro A5

    (Insert plot about what the mercs are doing inside a subway shooting each other) Don't stand in the train's way, it'll run you over!
  5. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Shi a1b

    Push the Payload in this rainy urban city! Custom assets used: Rain with Collisions - Yrrzy Autumnal Signs - Berry
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blu Securityfence001 4/20/2022

    This is a quick reskin of securityfence001 to add a blu version
  7. Kiglirs

    Yasumi a4

    This is the 1st map to test the gamemode i made: Point Tow, or just Tow, but a real ToW. How this works: - Push the cart to the enemy base to score points - Scoring depends how far you're in the enemy's base - Get to the end of the timer or the max points to win! The map itself is set in a...
  8. Aapelikaeki

    Emilcakey MC6 2020-07-25

    Entry for the 6th microcontest by me and Emil_Rusboi! Start in the city and push the payload trough the Theme Park gates, past the Tea Cup Carousel and finally into an oddly shallow pit right in front of a shitty chin cutout on a throne. uses chin cutout and slaugher and laugher assets
  9. TylowStar

    pd_downtown a1.1

    A small and sweet Player Destruction map in the soho aesthetic also used by koth_king and pass_district.
  10. hutty

    UrbanBrook Asset Pack V1a

    This is the Urbanbrook Asset Pack by Lawrence Granroth (hutty, huttyblue) This pack contains some east asian city styled assets I made for the map ctf_urbanbrook I've cleaned up the names and paths of the assets, they should all...
  11. ProfHappycat

    koth_fengshui a11

    Fight for the park in this soho-styled KOTH map! -a1/a1a made within the last 38 hours of the jam-
  12. Flaminglump

    ultiduo_noodle 2017-04-18

    I rushed this map out from beginning to end in the course of a little over one weekend, and while I think I did a good job catching bugs and clipping problems, it would be appreciated if you would report any issues you find to me via the comment section. Who knows. Maybe some day we will play...