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  1. amasterfuljuice

    jimijam is the imposter!?!?!?12 (gone sus) (war paint) 2021-12-19

    helldriver base paint. Jimijam's look of choice (War Paint) to celebrate the tf2maps community and the jam. donate to the charity. I know it looks bad but I am too tired this is good enough. standard size and alpha channel and stuff. aright but seriously answer me (who is joe)?
  2. The Siphon

    Jimi Jam Cereal Set 2018-07-28

    "Wish to have the taste of your favorite Jam in the morning? Introducing the new and limited JimiJam cereals! Delivering 120% of your daily sugar needs!" Made cereal boxes of JimiJam cereals. The models were made in Blender and ported to Source. They have 2 skins available (red & blue) and 2...
  3. DemoN K!ng

    Summer and Jam A1

    Made by: Andrei (Spoon Egg): Merc Models,Merc Style DemoN K!ng: Coloring,Help with the Models [T.C.B.M]DrSquishy: Help with Coloring,Concept Jeleu: Background,Background Coloring Zefraxus: Idea,Merc Cosmetics Coloring Profile Links...
  4. ProfHappycat

    koth_fengshui a11

    Fight for the park in this soho-styled KOTH map! -a1/a1a made within the last 38 hours of the jam-
  5. Silverware

    JimiJam Steam Profile Pictures

    These are modeled after the fake company in TF2 named Jimi Jam. Posters of Jimi Jam can be found in game (Foundry, Hightower, Citizen Pain Minigun): https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/File:Jimi_jam.jpg
  6. Hosomi

    72hr koth_seclude a5

    Hidden in a sinkhole deep within the jungles of South America, two brightly coloured groups fight over a small square of land.
  7. ProfHappycat

    pl_cropduster a1d

    first attempt at a pl map - originally made during the tf2maps 2016 summer tf2 jam :jimijam:
  8. ProfHappycat

    koth_crendor a3

    a koth map that i made in a day, named after everyone's favorite non-content producer, wowcrendor!
  9. Skittelz

    Is JimiJam RED or BLU?

    On wiki, JimiJam is owned to BLU. But others use JimiJam in RED areas. So wut team is the company owned to?
  10. Kube

    Jimijam A4

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! Old site thread for reference: 24843 koth_jimijam is now ml_jimijam. "Well, what in tarnation is ML?" you ask. Missile Launch is a custom gamemode, that's what. It takes all the fun of Tug-O'-War and compresses it into a single, stationary capture...