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koth_fengshui a11

this map probably doesn't have great feng shui tbh

Fight for the park in this soho-styled KOTH map!

-a1/a1a made within the last 38 hours of the jam-
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. lighting + alley overhaul

    it is what it says on the tin -overhauled most lighting to get rid of light entities and make light_spot's the primary source of lighting -lighting is generally brighter -opened up the alleyway and the area behind the sniper balcony -detailed a...
  2. small update

    small update so i can get it tested and get an idea of what i want to do next -removed windows near sniper balcony at mid -added wood wall at spawn -shortened the right-side hallway going into the lobby areas -other small brushwork adjustments...
  3. out of 72hr limbo

    i've honestly forgotten all the crap that i did since a3 so uh yeah