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koth_astronomical_a5 2017-08-07


  1. Fruit_
    Welcome to astronomical!

    But it's just Prague.

    I was very inspired to make a Prague like map for a long time. And this year for the Tf2 Summer Jam, I contested into it (As you can tell).

    Please go download and test out this map. I'll be updating this map over time and remember, this map is in beta. So please comment and give me your suggestions on what to do on the map. I thank you so much for everyone and this amazing event every year and very happy for the Red Kite Drive for reaching the goal over $4000 AU. (I'm not Australian so idk how their currency works don't judge.)
    Spicy_apples: tf2maps link: https://tf2maps.net/members/spicy_apples.27710/


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