KOTH Sentry City - The Next Generation A3

Capture the center control point but don't break the windows... They're very expensive...

  1. Cynder loves Portal
    Here is a complete remake of KOTH sentry City...

    The trains have been removed but sentries spawn at random times but stick around for only 10 seconds though.

    The windows protect the control point from the sentries. Break them at your own peril.

    I also suggest you obey all safety signage.

    There is an hidden Easter egg somewhere..

    Here's a hint to help you find it.

    You sleep in this room and foxy usually hangs around in the [DATA REDACTED].
    Step through the looking glass and you are at the Easter egg..

    If you find the Easter egg, do not post on here. I want it to be a surprise.

    sentry_city_tng0000.jpg sentry_city_tng0001.jpg sentry_city_tng0002.jpg sentry_city_tng0003.jpg sentry_city_tng0004.jpg

    Lighting glitch: (do not know how it happened or how to fix it!) sentry_city_tng0005.jpg

    sentry_city_tng0006.jpg sentry_city_tng0007.jpg sentry_city_tng0008.jpg

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