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gm_construct_cdlp_remix2 A6

Tower of trouble

  1. Cynder loves Portal
    This is another GM_contruct remix.
    I have removed the original towers and replaced them with ones I've done.

    As from the A4 UPDATE:

    The CP's locations :

    *Metal Tower

    You need to capture the control point in the metal tower before moving onto the skyscraper.

    The control points in the skyscraper are:
    *The Lobby
    *The Elevator
    *The roof platform

    Some useful intel:
    Shutting down the map's power grid has some pros and cons.

    They are:
    * All map control points are reset to neutral
    * Opens a room full of spell books

    *Shuts down the lift in the tower.
    *Shuts down the safety forcefield that's containing a neurotoxin leak on Level 4 and fills it with deadly neurotoxin.
    *All bunkers are locked down.
    *Shuts off the nuke trigger in one of the bunkers

    * All underground chambers protect players from the nuke.
    * New bunker added: It has with ammo, health a nuke button (With announcements!).
    *There is also a reference to the "Ladder Boss" in the map somewhere...

    Thanks to the TF2maps.net user "Box Of Paper" for helping me sort out the power switch.

    In case you're wondering why the screenshots are taken CS:S, the map can also be used in CS:S or CS:GO...
    Screenshots from A2:
    gm_construct_cdlp_remix20001.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20002.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20003.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20004.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20005.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20006.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20007.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20008.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20009.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20010.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20011.jpg gm_construct_cdlp_remix20012.jpg

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