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  1. miles94

    Merry Little Pyro 2021-12-20

    A RED Pyro having fun sitting atop and protecting a fellow Engineer's sentry!
  2. Inky_Mation

    Engineer: SENTRY UP AHEAD! 2020-09-06

    Engineers blocking the control points, can be incredibly difficult to handle. Especially as a scout, do you have any idea how many times scouts don't tend to check corners? At least most of em tend not to. Like even in the "Meet the Scout" movie, scout runs past a sentry without a single bullet...
  3. SunriseWatchWater

    Minecraft Sentry A1

    - A King of the Hill Map with a Minecraft theme. This is Map Minecraft Sentry, i'm that's Sentry Gun land watch up then.
  4. ●Kadysh●

    Gibus engineer poster A1

    Made a smiling gibus engineer standing next to his level 3 sentry in the intelligence room. My steam profile - My email -
  5. Lightyena

    EngiBot does not work correctly on MvM Map

    I am making a mvm map, but engibot is not appearing correctly on the map, for example, when the bomb enters the map, it appears the first time in sentry hint 4 and after the bomb goes through sentry hint 2, it goes to Sentry Hint 1 img of sentry hints below Does anybody know how to solve this...
  6. Sgt Steel

    Block bullets but not rockets

    I had an idea for a rj map using sentry guns for a unique twist. One part of this idea requires the use of the level 3 sentry's rockets without its bullets. As it doesn't seem there is any way for me to set its bullet count to 0 while still giving it infinite rockets (or even at all), I resorted...
  7. Simulacron

    How to create a MvM Sentry tank?

    Hey there, I'm trying to create a sentry tank in a custom MvM mission but I can't find anything on how to do it. It would be great if somebody could explain to me how it's done or just link me a pop file that includes a sentry tank. Thanks in advanced!
  8. DrengUP™

    Bot Engineer instantly destroying their own sentry after placing it

    Hello. So, i'm making a simple KOTH map and i'm testing with bots. The bots works great... Except for the Engineers, they can only build a teleporter entrance and when they try to build a Sentry, they instantly destroys it and run to the point or to a ammo pack. I already used bot_hint...
  9. Cynder loves Portal

    KOTH Sentry City - The Next Generation A3

    Here is a complete remake of KOTH sentry City... The trains have been removed but sentries spawn at random times but stick around for only 10 seconds though. The windows protect the control point from the sentries. Break them at your own peril. I also suggest you obey all safety signage...
  10. Umbra

    Sentry & Dispenser 2017-08-04

    Made in Tower Unite with canvas cubes and cylinders
  11. XxProCommandoxX

    72hr Spah Sappin Mah Everything 2017-02-12

    Spah creeping round here! Nope Spah sappin mah everything!
  12. Giantdad

    72hr Typical Engineer Nest SFM 2017-02-11

    I made this in around a day and I'm quite proud of it. It has "five" Engineers in a nest, your typical Cute Suit Engie (based off my loadout in game), 2 Friengineers (loadouts from some pals in a discord I'm in), and a Fat Engie, plus the SpEngineer. (The download is the poster in case the one...
  13. Piesofthesky

    Sentry Gun Sightlines

    I've been having trouble with a feature of my map. I want to create an area which can be moved through (by players, bullets, projectiles ect) but not seen through. I've added it to my map but it doesn't obstruct sentry gun vision. Players would be dying to a sentry they cannot see and when I...
  14. Zeklyn

    Removing sound

    Is it any way to remove a sound, or remove sound from a small room so no one outside can hear it? I'm currently making a hidden room with sentries and you can hear the sentries outside. Hope anyone can help me Pardon my bad english
  15. Max Sketchalot

    72hr Maxes Max of Max art 2016-07-24

    1080p drawing. its of engineer named EvenNine. he has a "friend", a spy named MrMagic also he has a mini sentry despite having a jag in hand, dont question it. mr magic kills friend and kills sentry the end.