kill of the hill

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  1. MurrajFur

    koth_trampoline 2020-09-05

    Come one, come all! Come experience the joy of playing tf2 while soaring through the air without a care in the world! At least until the enemy soldier equips the direct hit. This is mostly a joke map, I'm not very experienced with Hammer and I don't have a lot of free time due to college, but I...
  2. Druid

    koth_firstdruid_a3 a3

  3. That's the plan

    Koth_Slope (72 hour jam) .bsp

    Just a quick map that I made for the 2018 72hr jam. Its not incredible, but I hope you enjoy it :) Also, if the download provided doesn't work, just use the workshop link. (Used ABS's Mappers Resource)
  4. Cynder loves Portal

    KOTH Sentry City - The Next Generation A3

    Here is a complete remake of KOTH sentry City... The trains have been removed but sentries spawn at random times but stick around for only 10 seconds though. The windows protect the control point from the sentries. Break them at your own peril. I also suggest you obey all safety signage...
  5. Kunny

    koth_coalmine_b3 (Unfinished Map) 2017-03-18

    Koth Coalmine is a Coal mine themed King of the hill map with to neighboring MannCo Coal mines. Red and Blue. This map is unfinished and I just want some feedback before I continue it.