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  1. Sonoma

    Kluane Style Cloak-Type Logic Prefab v1

    This is a prefab that includes a vmf and a soundscript file BUGS: Sometimes, rarely, the HUD will bug with the cap progress, cap time will be correctly reduced but the Cap progress on the HUD will not correctly reflect the capture progress Will attempt to work on a fix for this bug If there...
  2. Sonoma

    Kluane a9

    A serious attempt at making a 1CP cp_cloak style map based off Ravine
  3. Sonoma

    Medieval Cloak Event a3v5

    A spooky version of cp_cloak! Notes: Medieval mode is active Fixed the respawn areas Changed spawnwaves
  4. Shampoo

    trade_cloak A0.1111111111

    I don't know....
  5. Scampi

    koth_cloaked a3

    A remake of the mysterious cp_cloak. What a strange place. Will be tested an updated overtime to improve gameplay. They're watching.
  6. vulduv

    how can i drain the cloak and daggers meter?

    i got one idea. but its kind of slopy. it involves 4 trigger push. pushing the spy around in a squar. making him move but not go anywhere. dus draining the meter. but that could cause slight shakynes. so is there any other ways? i dont want spies hiding in one place all the time on my HUGE map...
  7. ISPuddy

    1CP-CLOAK jokeben

    [:eek: WARNING! : THE STUPID F2P AHEAD!] :entitytool: If you like CLOAK!!! and you want to make :cap:_CLOAK!!! style this is the pefab 1:cap: - what in this pefab - 1-CP-Cloak.vmf
  8. RodionJenga

    Recloak A2

    What's new for A2: -Changed name from cloak to recloak -Added 4 more control points -Made the control points more accessible (added spires and mid-bridge) -Snapped all geometry to grid, resized things to normal sizes and not 136hu or something -Used more than 10 textures, including non-red...