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  1. I dinne ken

    Kemilnewthing s4

    Kemilnewthing - a collab map between me and I dinne Ken
  2. Cynder loves Portal

    High security elevator area A1

    The file contains an example map, prefabs for red and blue base. The prefabs for the red and blue base do not include lighting. All screenshots are taken from the example map:
  3. Cynder loves Portal

    elevators 2018-03-03

    This is an uplifting prefab.... Screenshots taken in Gmod because my TF2 still does not work yet!
  4. maddie!

    Sibyl A13 Release 1

    REUPLOADED SINCE I UPLOADED A JPEG LIKE AN IDIOT Feedback is welcome. Created in 3.5 days (so far). The lift will go up and down when capped, and the hologram bridge changes team colors. THINGS TO DO: Displacements Moar Props Skybox fixes
  5. Cynder loves Portal

    Elevator Textures A3

    these will make your elevators more realistic! These are from my underground_dock_A9 map!