Island a8

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Island a8

Floating islands with a calming ambience

About this map:
This is a map where players can discover a huge floating island (and two smaller ones). The map also has some secrets for players to be unlocked.
- This map is still WIP
- One part of the map can be found on my map trade_sakura as well
- Custom models are either SFM ports or from TF2maps
- Update logs can be found here

Suggestions are still open; this is my second map ever made : )
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Last update
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More downloads from The_Gl!tch.exe

Latest updates

  1. version 8 update

    Changes: - added music buttons to the stage with 5 songs, 2 more can be unlocked - added portal particles - an aurora borealis can be unlocked - improved map details - updated upside-down room - improved lighting - updated credits
  2. fixed version of trade_island_a7

    Changes: - added game texts - added nobuild around the upside-down room entrance - the no player clip area in the skybox is visible now - added a new secret - added more health and ammo packs - the time of the laser recharge is set to ~30 mins...
  3. version 7 2nd update

    !!! I forgot to update the soundscapes txt file in the last version of this map. This version of the a7-map is fixed (I didn't rename the map). If you have already downloaded it, please replace it with this version and delete your sound.cache...