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    trade_badsand Final

    Trade_Badsand: It is an epic map set in a small beachfront town, there is no complex objective, just explore and have fun, the map contains an affordable 3-story beachfront hotel, a fast food restaurant, a classic bar, a small shop in front of the beach, an industrial garage and a fully...
  2. August101

    trade_bigempty a1

    A purely geographic version of the big empty from Fallout new vegas' dlc old world blues. I do not own any copyrighted characters or locations featured in this map.
  3. northh

    Autumnal Picnic 1.0

    It's the middle of August, so I think it's high tide we make some autumnal and cozy maps, don't you agree? Map is listed as autumn_map. I was bored one day and decided to make an autumn themed map over the span of 2 days as a way to brush up on my Hammer skills. Unsure if I will ever update...
  4. Cinnamon

    Bubblegloop Swamp a2

    Bubblegloop Swamp from Banjo-Kazooie, but currently early in development! A lot is missing from the map right now, so don't expect much until later on. Both Mr. Vile and Tiptup Choir are accessable, but you would need to resize yourself to be able to enter Mr. Vile's place currently. List of...
  5. Cinnamon

    Treasure Trove Cove b3

    Finally, It is here! After more than almost 4 months (other map listing was actually 3 months in development) in the making with this ginormous map, Treasure Trove Cove is now finally playable with collectables, jiggys, and those jinjos that call for help every second of their life. This map...
  6. Unusual Pretzel

    Trade_Faroe_1 1

    Simple trade map so dont expect much
  7. Woomyman9000

    trade_area_v1 1

    I can't think of good titles, but that's not what you're here for. This is a map designed for trading with a control point in the center, a melee only zone(because funny) and a really epic and cool skybox
  8. Woomyman9000

    How would I make a match not end when a point is capped when there's only one point?

    I'm making a trade map, and there's a point so people have things to do, but I don't know how to make the game not end when the point is capped :/ So how would I make it?
  9. ethosaur

    Tower_of_power v3

    WELCOME... to the TOWER OF POWER... yet another weird TF2 map by me, made in an absolute stupor, in the past week, originally meant to upload on april fools, but missed deadline sadly. Anyway, the TOWER OF POWER! Its time to climb it, and witness... some strange things. This tower goes high...
  10. Drewfire

    Journey Into Imagination a8

    Remember that one time I made a Journey into Imagination map? Yeah, that was sooooo long ago. Now that I have more experience with map making, I'm ready to go tackle this attraction once again. I'm not going for realism here, but instead focusing on functionality. The courtyard area is plain...
  11. Arenovas

    trade_avanti v1

    A port of the original Avanti map from TFC, converted into a trade map with custom made spawnrooms. Decision to make it into a trade map was due to how the original map was set up, mostly in terms of spawns. I do have a fully functioning version of the map but no clue if it'll even play well at...
  12. Drewfire

    Absolute Muppet lp4

    Stunned by the technologies of Muppet-Vision, Mann Co. has 'borrowed' Muppet Labs' design for showcasing new tools, in this case tools of destruction. The result is Hale's Own Pyro-Vision 3D! Saxton Hale has found a use for those unused Pyrovision goggles in the Mann Co. warehouses, and that...
  13. C.J.

    trade_crossroads 1.0

    After doing this project for a few months on and off I've ported Crossroads from Roblox into TF2! This was just a way for me to get more familiar with Hammer and to have some fun. The main use for this map is for trade servers or deathmatch servers. Crossroads by Roblox...
  14. ethosaur

    sb_rockbottom 2021-08-27

    Port of the drunk driving section from PTSD 2 mod, made by me. Based on the Spongebob movie game, "Now that were men" level. (Original geometry/level design, but textures are from the game) This has been edited to function in TF2. Including red/blu spawns, pickups around the map, and spawn...
  15. ethosaur

    trade_balloonfarm 2021-08-16

    Based on my original map from VRChat "Ethosaurs balloon farm" This is a recreation of that map, this was a quick 24 hour project I wanted to do, and here it is! Ride the balloon ride, run through the fields, or just enjoy the view of Balloon farm, now in TF2! Cozy...
  16. ethosaur

    trade_funtimes 2021-08-05

    A simple trade map with all the essentials to mess around, and hang out together/trade. Made this map a while ago, just uploading all my old maps here, for history sake, and in-case anyone does end up wanting to play or host the map(s)! Includes: -Idling areas -A bar area with custom looping...
  17. ethosaur

    mannor_of_horrors 2021-08-04

    Old exploration/hangout map I made long ago, this is a first iteration of my manor_of_fun, that I made much later. I found it while looking around in my files. You might find some fun in it still though, so I decided to upload it here, for archival/history purposes. "New" manor map...
  18. ethosaur

    trade_dome 2021-08-03

    Yet another old trade map I found, which I tuned up a little, optimized and made functional. (Never released before) Thought i'd just take all these old maps and fix em up for public release (And for archival/history) (Estimated to be originally created 2014-2015 or earlier) Hopefully some...
  19. ethosaur

    trade_bathtime 2021-08-03

    Another old trade map I made years ago, that I recently found again. (original date, 2014-2015ish) Decided to tune up a little bit, optimize and publish for history/legacy reasons... Perhaps some out there may still find use with these old maps! Thanks for looking!
  20. ethosaur

    trade_goodtimes 2021-08-03

    Another old map I found that I made long ago... Uploading for legacy/history reasons, maybe some may find use of it still? Old name: trade_np_v1 (Was originally made for Neura play server, but never went through)