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Spacefort a7

WIP map of a space fortress (feat. Black Mesa)

This map is still WIP and it will take many other versions until it's fully finished.
It also features ports from Black Mesa, such as props, characters, textures and the Xen skybox.
Credits are coming soon

-- more info coming soon --
As always, you can add suggestions for improvements: )
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

More downloads from The_Gl!tch.exe

Latest updates

  1. version 7 update

    Changes: - the cubemap effects from the older versions are back - improved visibility optimization with areaportals - added a golden pan (with a protector) - updated library area (with a haunting ghost) - replaced jump ramps with mario kart ramps...
  2. version 6 update

    Changes: - removed the Vortigaunts from the asteroid field to avoid client crashes - added 2Fort on the roof - improved spawn rooms - added a death trigger when falling off the sakura island - added a road on the roof for bumpercar races - added...
  3. fixed download for version 5

    (TF2Maps had issues with uploading the map, that's why it's an external link. I'll use the TF2Maps uploader for future versions again)

Latest reviews

Coolest trade map of all time, try asking around because this is a million times better than the other maps in trade servers