Island a8

Floating islands with a calming ambience

  1. version 8 update

    - added music buttons to the stage with 5 songs, 2 more can be unlocked
    - added portal particles
    - an aurora borealis can be unlocked
    - improved map details
    - updated upside-down room
    - improved lighting
    - updated credits
  2. fixed version of trade_island_a7

    - added game texts
    - added nobuild around the upside-down room entrance
    - the no player clip area in the skybox is visible now
    - added a new secret
    - added more health and ammo packs
    - the time of the laser recharge is set to ~30 mins now instead of 12
  3. version 7 2nd update

    !!! I forgot to update the soundscapes txt file in the last version of this map. This version of the a7-map is fixed (I didn't rename the map). If you have already downloaded it, please replace it with this version and delete your sound.cache files. Thx
    - the soundscape volume can be adjusted in the TF2 music settings
  4. version 7 update

    - added more buildings
    - added more hidden rooms
    - a new area can be unlocked by collecting a saxxy near every moth in a specific order and then pressing the death laser button near the church
    - compressed map size
    - new music
    ! The map has an empty skybox area. It looks invisible when being in the void. Here's the location . It contains a no player clip but players can walk around it.
  5. compressed & fixed version of trade_island_a6

    - compressed map
    - fixed a bug with soundscapes not looping
    - updated map details
    (Thanks to Hannes )
  6. version 6 of my second WIP trade map (fixed)

    Updated bsp-file.
    Replace it with the old trade_island_a6 bsp file if already downloaded before the update.
  7. version 6 of my second WIP trade map

    - added a church (with obi-wan jesus)
    - more lighttowers
    - added a bridge to the church rooftop
    - added multiple Baragons underwater
    - added more detail to the map
    - updated credits room
    - I've decided to remove the new cave system
  8. version 5 of my second WIP trade map

    - map details
    - built houses under the stages to make them more realistic
    - detailed upside-down room
    - upside-down room has lower gravity
    - more lighting/ particle effects
    - new/ updated credits room entrance
    - fixed a spawn teleporter exploit
    - fixed an error where the spawn door cuts though the spawn window area

    -- The gravity in the upside-down room and the outide area is triggered by trigger_gravity around the teleport exit entities. I advise you not to test...
  9. version 4 of my second WIP trade map

    - brighter lighting
    - heavily improved spawn rooms:
    - new exits, the old ones are sealed
    - tele exploit to get to the other team spawn has been removed
    - added towers over the spawn rooms
    - added a library room
    - added a gallery room
    - added a warp system: you don't have to walk from one map end to the other end anymore
    - added palm trees
    - you don't have to crouch anymore when walking up the fortress towers
    - new music
  10. version 3 of my second WIP trade map

    - added credits room
    - added upside-down room inside the mountain
    - added a fortress with a lava arena
    - added clouds for background (you can walk on some of them)
    - improved spawn rooms
    - added details (the platforms on the mountain don't "float" anymore)
    - hidden møths
    - new music