Iron Belt a3b

i could not name it 'rust belt' so sorry

  1. this is literally just one slight change

    - moved the cap point trigger slightly down so players standing on the two pillars on mid cannot cap
    - saw this being used as a dumb cheese strategy when me and my friends were playing 2v2s on it
  2. mostly clipping

    - added ramps on the right side high ground
    - easier access to the barrier on it for scout so he can jump onto there and from there onto the enemy roof

    - changes to clipping
    - little nooks and crannies, stuff like the wall bits jutting out on the spawnroom weren't properly clipped and people complained that they were getting caught on them

    - added spectator cams
    - now you don't open the map and don't have to see a view of mid from inside the floor :)
  3. further changes to mid

    - extended the tall buildings further towards the point and added barriers next to them
    - purely to block the sightline from the right side high ground to the other right side

    - added a crate to the right side high ground
    - again, sightline blocking, should be a bit safer to walk in that way

    - moved the health where the new crate is to the far right side of the right side high ground
    - felt weird having it in the middle of a sightline and a tight space, new position should make it a...

    - made mid longer and wider
    - players said that mid was far too small and that it forced teams back or be easily spammed at
    - new mid should allow teams to play the low ground and towards the point a bit more

    - raised the left side (defender's perspective) and rooves on mid
    - players said there was not enough high ground on the map
    - hopefully this side should be a lot more interesting to play due to the way it interacts with the rest of the map

    - widened the right side (defender's...