Infiltration b15

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Infiltration b15

Custom one-way CTF gamemode

Hello! I'm Donut the Vikingchap and this is my first TF2 map, Infiltration.

BLU received information from their undercover spies that RED were, for unknown reasons, setting up a secret base in a forest somewhere in northern Scandinavia. This being a very odd move by RED, BLU knew for sure that something was going on. They gathered a team of highly trained soldiers to organize an attack on what the spies finally found out was a huge facility for research and production of bombs!

BLU's mission is to (not so discreetly) infiltrate the facility and put an end to RED's plans by stealing their intelligence and sending the information back to BLU.

The gamemode is a special one-way CTF with a defending team and an attacking team. The attackers (BLU) have to take the intelligence and bring it back to their base where the intel carrier has to capture a control point to win. The defenders (RED) have to protect the intelligence until the time runs out.

The point of this gamemode is to create a more fun variant of Capture the Flag that makes people focus more on the objective rather than having an endless deathmatch in the middle of the map (see: any official CTF map ever). I am trying to achieve this by making the rounds pretty fast paced and trying to make sure that the attackers actually rush in for the objective rather than staying back and doing nothing. To do this I have made RED's base the central part of the map and tried to make it as interesting to play in as possible.

To counter the RED team setting up the world's biggest sentry farm in the intel room and calling it a day, RED gets very little setup time and there are many different ways for the attackers to get into the big intel room. These include several doorways on different levels, a basement and a vent. I've also made the rounds short and RED's respawn times significantly longer than BLU's.

To make sure that defending isn't too hard though, the intel gets reset very quickly if it gets dropped, which means killing the intel carrier is very rewarding.

Currently known issues (Beta 15):
- The announcer says "We have taken the enemy intelligence" and "Time has been added" at the same time (might be possible to fix with a "level_sounds.txt" file, will look into this for RC)
- The optimization needs some more work
- The fence models don't line up great with the rest of the gate walls and guard towers. I might make some custom fence models for them.
- The map currently lacks a proper navigation mesh for bots
- The map currently lacks a custom loading screen, intro movie and in-game map description
- The water texture in the basement sways so that it looks like the submerged part of the fences move

Please let me know if you find any more issues!

Special thanks to:
Thee Bakscratch for being the official sniper spot finder
Dr. Spud for making ctf_haarp and giving me inspiration
Seba and Fr0Z3n for giving good feedback and gameplay-/optimization ideas
::Egan:: for hosting gamedays/impromptus and coming up with a way to solve the intel time add bug
Hampshire Heavies for playtesting the map and giving feedback
ScottJAw for featuring the map on his Map Monday series (Beta 14):
Steam users who have left useful feedback and suggestions on the map's Steam Workshop page
Everyone else who has helped playtest the map and/or given feedback!

FULL CHANGELOG available here:
First release
Last update
Capture The Flag

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Latest reviews

Infiltration is a trailblazer of a CTF Variant map. It's got all the bells and whistles that would draw people to it: The map is well detailed, the mode is interesting, and it has fun combat. By all means, it's a very respectable map! ...However, beneath the hood, the map starts to show its dents and cracks. One thing I think in particular is that the underground routes have no real reason to exist. They aren't justified since the layout without them would be completely the same other than a miserable side route that could act as an essentially entirely free route to get the flag out of the base. Another thing I greatly dislike with the map is that the Control Point for BLU is just so, so, SO far away. It's so deep in their own territory, not to mention so high up, that attacking it as RED makes it nigh-impossible to be defendable in a practical sense. Infiltration is great as a stepping stool for other maps with its gamemode, but on it's own it's a bit subpar. 5/10.