Beach Assault

Beach Assault v3

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Beach Assault v3

1-point A/D Map for April Fools 2015 with custom controllable turrets


Silly 1-point A/D map for April Fools 2015, whipped up in less than 12 hours before the event.
If BLU manages to cap the point, a rocket is launched at RED base. RED can destroy the rocket and still win if they try really hard.

This map features my own-designed controllable turrets!
(that I have been experimenting with way before I started making this map)

There are 3 different types of turrets in this map:
  • Machine Gun Turret
    Fires really fast and does a lot of damage, but has limited range
  • Fast Rocket Turret
    Holds 10 high-damage rockets per magazine and shoots them very fast
  • Heavy Bomb Turret
    Shoots big bombs that instantly kill, but has very limited range

These turrets were made using the logic_measure_movement entity to pseudo-parent the gun to the user's view. This is paired with a game_ui entity which lets players control the turrets' weapons using their primary fire. The turrets that fire projectiles use a tf_point_weapon_mimic to make rockets and grenades, while the machine gun turret uses a whole bunch of particle systems and 5 really long trigger_hurt brushes in front of the gun that activate in sequence when it is fired.

I will release these turrets as prefabs sometime in the near future so that you can use them in your own map!

There are also two automatic turrets in front of the capture point that work by having two doors that constantly rotate in opposite directions. When a player is detected on the left side of the turret (using a trigger multiple), it gets parented to the door spinning to the left. If the player is to the right, it gets parented to the door spinning to the right. When the player is in front of the turret, the turret is unparented and it starts firing.

Special thanks to:
TopHATTwaffle for making an awesome tutorial on mouse-controlled turrets for CS:S. This tutorial served as my main source of inspiration for the turrets, but I had to do a lot of additional work to make them work for TF2.
A Boojum Snark for the A/D gamemode prefab and for making Chairmania Derby, where he came up with a way to make players disconnecting from a game_ui not crash the server.
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Latest reviews

The premise is amazing, and you can feel like you're in World War 3 by going all Soldier, however the machine gun turrets disobey every conceivable law, making life hard for the attacking team.