Invasion a4

Single-Stage PL map for the 2014 MvA contest

  1. DonutVikingChap

    Originally made for the "Mercs vs Aliens" contest, this is a single-stage standard payload map inspired by the slow pacing of A/D maps like Dustbowl but with a more open layout (especially at the last point). I was originally going to make it a 3-stage map, but only managed to finish the first stage for the contest. It's still in very early alpha, I might add more stages in the future. The name may or may not be temporary since I'm going to be dropping the whole "alien" theme (Though the mothership is still in until further notice, since the finale explosion is pretty fun).

    Alpha 3 was the version submitted to the contest.

    Currently known issues (Alpha 4):
    - TODO: Re-do all the shitty stretched displacements so I can enable decals on them again (this probably won't happen until beta since it has no effect on gameplay)

    Custom content:
    Mothership model from the MvA Prop pack
    Mothership explosion particle
    by FissionMetroid

    Special thanks to:
    ABS for the pre-made gamemode
    The MvA contest voters for providing useful feedback
    Everyone else who has helped playtesting and giving feedback!


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