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ASCII Fortress 2 2.0.0

Online multiplayer game based on TF2 with ASCII graphics


This year I decided to do something a little bit special for the 72hr TF2 jam. ASCII Fortress 2 is a full-fledged online multiplayer game coded from scratch in C++17 using SFML (SDL since 2.0.0), featuring ASCII console graphics (think Rogue from 1980) and real-time class-based gameplay with guns, complete with a console/command system for configuration and in-game chat!

The current version supports the following features:
- Online gameplay over UDP
- Offline gameplay with full bot support
- All 9 TF2 classes with unique gameplay styles
- Capture the Flag, Payload and Pong gamemodes
- 7 included maps
- Custom map support
- Custom gamemode support
- Automatic map download
- Hats and player levels

The source code for the game is available on GitHub (GPLv3 license): https://github.com/DonutVikingChap/ascii-fortress-2
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Version 2.0.0

    Yes. After three and a half years, it's here. The fabled hat update. Besides actually adding hats, I have restructured almost the entire game to support custom gamemodes and scripting, and switched from SFML to SDL. There's now finally an actual...
  2. Version 1.3.0

    Payload update! Changelog: - Added payload mode! - Added new map pl_map2.txt. - Added names over other players' heads that show when you hover your mouse near them. This functionality can be toggled with...
  3. Version 1.2.1

    Hotfix to address some weird bot behavior. Changelog: - Bots now change classes on map switch by default. - Fixed bots going the wrong way after being interrupted by a fight. - Fixed bots going for health and forgetting to capture the objective...

Latest reviews

it's amazing this man managed to make a game entirely from scratch AND for it to be able to have goddamn MULTIPLAYER FUNCTIONALITY on such a limited development tool is astonishing

i mean i wasnt able to find a game with actual people, but i wont doubt it's there
Good job. Waiting for future updates (like weapon slots ,hats, level editor, etc.)
it is good
That is epic! Amazing job!
Now i can play TF2 with A E S T H E T I C S of old IRC chats and MUD's.
Thanx m8 (c) Sniper
No idea what to say, but this is amazing. Do you plan to keep updating it?
This is the jam winner despite there not being able to be one
The hero we needed without knowing we need it
Honestly, This is amazing.