Humburg b1 popfix

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Humburg b1 popfix

Save Smissmas from Arsonists (tfconnect)

Humburg is an MvM map in which you must defend your festive celebration, as bots attempt to light up your TFConnect™ Smissmas tree with tank mounted flamethrowers and gas cans.


Made for the TFConnect contest.

Elizabeth - Layout, Logic, Popfile, single function vscript file that makes a pickup play a funny sound, optimisation
Birchly - Layout, Detailing, Custom assets
Non the Ninja - Bosswave music

Extra custom assets used will be listed when not under crunch
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Forgot some stuff :)

    Only pop adjustments, map/nav remain unchanged - Removed crit prefix from giant spammer on 2nd wave - Removed giant medics from 3rd wave
  2. Barely over the finish line

    - Artpass roughly in place with corners cut to hit deadline - Implemented boss music made for the map by @non_the_ninja (will get his name to link later) - Fixed problems relating to bots failing to exit spawn in some circumstances - redid high...
  3. Even more decorations.

    Version differences - Updated giftbot logic, replacing all the damage resist types with Stealth, Haste and Resist pickups instead. - Further artpassing - Implemented areaportals and occluders to reduce fps impact. Pop differences - Redistributed...

Latest reviews

I love the gift things the bots drop