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Whitecliff rc3

mvm on the cliffs of dover

A mvm map set alongside the cliffs of Dover. Featuring a capture point bots can use to open a quicker routes to the bomb hatch and a totally well thought out, balanced pop file to make it all playable. Made for the 72 hr Summer Jam

Birchly - layout, detailing, asset creation

Elizabeth- logic, optimization

Asset credits
Frontline Team - Various models/textures
Evil knevil, NassimO - delivery van
Necro - Urban Fences
Cytosolic, Mattie, FGD5, Izotope - Various london asset pack props
First release
Last update
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Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Slight tweaks !

    Turned some brushes into func_brushes to remove collisions on certain wall details Modified some custom textures Replaced the old custom wood beam texture with func_brush wooden brush detailing Added Non the Ninja's custom forwards upgrade...
  2. Should of been released a loot sooner :)

    - Removed reverse compatability, will be made a seperate version at some point in the future as needed. - Further artpassing - Removed underused assets to help trim file size
  3. The one that finished the artpass

    - Finalized the artpassing - Re-implemented the 3d sky - Updated sign assets on the museum and store - Some slight changes to the in bounds space to fix issues with the 3d sky. - Fixed some textures that were misaligned - Slight optimization tweaks

Latest reviews

Played this numerous times including the Halloween version and found it enjoyable. I like the multiple paths robots can travel through and the control point that opens a shortcut gate I believe (some missions don't use it at all).

I like the details like the swaying trees, lore written on a billboard, the sea's horizon, and the intricate brushwork that bring out the best in the London pack. I'd definitely study Whitecliff if I made an English themed map.