Whitecliff b25

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Whitecliff b25

mvm on the cliffs of dover

A mvm map set alongside the cliffs of Dover. Feauturing a capture point bots can use to open a quicker routes to the bomb hatch and a totally well thought out, balanced pop file to make it all playable. Made for the 72 hr Summer Jam

Birchly - layout, detailing, clipping

Eve (me) - logic, optimization, clipping

Asset credits
Frontline Team - Various models/textures
Ravidge - Lighting library
Rexy - Forklift model, File cabinets
Evil knevil, NassimO - delivery van
Necro - Urban Fences
Cytosolic, Mattie, FGD5, Izotope - Various london asset pack props
Bakscratch - Bakscratch model collection
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Latest updates

  1. The one that moved the factory

    - Factory has been pushed forward closer to the connecting road. - Courtyard has been truncated with cleaner routes, especially around the factory. - A sign has been added to the cliffside by the store to provide some cover on the lower route. -...
  2. The one that skipped 27 + iterations

    Huge backlog of changes from constant updates up until the event version artpass, converted back to not being spooky. The list of changes is exhaustive but the core points to know are below. - The map is now mostly detailed (currently going...
  3. The one that reshaped a few areas

    - Swapped train prop for lorry as it made more sense for the area - Added more cover and ramps around the bomb hatch zone - Hollowed out side building along the road - Added a side ledge above the water pit to allow a quick way back up given...