Hellstone 1.0.2

Millstone has been haunted, Hellstone arises from the hell!

  1. ics
    Welcome to Halloween 2015! Millstone has been haunted and turned to Hellstone! This time you won't teleport into hell (a lie). You push the ghost cart into the hell! Help the friendly ghost to get there! Meet also the horrors from the past halloweens and join the fun!

    Map features, to mention some:

    - Pumpkin bombs (ka-boom)
    - Spells (you're a wizard Hairy)
    - Ghosts (boo)
    - Horseless Headless Horsemann! (HHH is mad again)
    - Horseless Headless Horsemanns Headtaker (Off with ye heads!)
    - More ghosts (more boo)
    - Monoculus! (aye, the demomans eye)
    - Use the monoculus teleport to get some goodies
    - Mystery place, once you teleport using monoculus exit
    - Hell, once you kill the monoculus
    - More monoculus! (he's twice as mad)
    - Skeletons



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Recent Updates

  1. Just updating to latest version
  2. Further changes
  3. rc2 -> rc4

Recent Reviews

  1. Nero
    Version: 1.0.2
    Very fun and unique, glad it is in the game officially.
  2. Yellow
    Version: 1.0.2
    I am surprised to say that this map was even more random than Crash's shenanigans on Moonshine.

    Still, very well done, but as an event map it is best not to concentrate on winning since blue is highly favored to win in this map.
  3. Lampenpam
    Version: 0.99
    My personal favorite halloween map. You got everything, pumpkin bombs, spooky ghosts, magic spells and four halloween bosses. When I play halloween maps, I enjoy pure chaos and that's what this map can turn into