Erebus 2020-06-24

Ambush has been haunted and creepified. Welcome to your doom!

  1. ics
    Recently I spend a year to create a map Ambush. I figured why stop there.

    So I spent additional 2,5 months doing Erebus, a haunted version of Ambush for Halloween 2020. Still WIP so please leave your input. You can also test this on a live server by connecting to through console or Click here to connect now

    1395 edicts, 1598 displacements, 919807 lines in source file, 20.96MB vmf filesize. Way too many hours used to count them all.


    1. cp_ambush_event_rc40007.jpg
    2. cp_ambush_event_rc40018.jpg
    3. cp_ambush_event_rc40018.jpg
    4. cp_ambush_event_rc40043.jpg
    5. cp_ambush_event_rc40051.jpg
    6. cp_ambush_event_rc40027.jpg
    7. edicts.jpg