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Erebus 2023-05-06

Ambush has been haunted and creepified. Welcome to your doom!

Recently I spend a year to create a map Ambush. I figured why stop there.

So I spent additional 2,5 months doing Erebus, a haunted version of Ambush for Halloween 2020. Still WIP so please leave your input. You can also test this on a live server by connecting to through console or Click here to connect now

1395 edicts, 1598 displacements, 919807 lines in source file, 20.96MB vmf filesize. Way too many hours used to count them all.
First release
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Attack/Defense CP

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Latest reviews

My general issues with this map, kinda confusion layout, pretty small for a three stage map, control points are meh, and not so fun gameplay. Overall just a another generic halloween map and honestly the gameplay is kinda bad
I do not enjoy this map all that much. The layout is very small, the environment looks like every other Halloween map you've made with the same assets.

What really irks me about this is that the capture time is too fast, like way way too fast. On top of that, the amount of time added to the round timer when capped is too long. Are you telling me that RED team has to defend the final point for 10 minutes when BLU can capture it within 5 seconds? That's just straight up bad gameplay when RED has little to no chance to win, like a lot of the game's bad maps.

Here are my suggestions;
Either make the round timer shorter, or make the capture rate longer. I was excited that we got an attack/defend map this year because it's pretty underused in the Halloween events, but I ended up being very disappointed.
I love A/D, but I didn't really enjoy this map. Even accounting for lack of memorizing the map layout, people are calling this a maze due to the abundance of 90 degree turns, height changes, and many spirals. It felt grueling with tunnels, unintuitive chokepoints/flow, 20 minute Dustbowl timers.

Just because Dustbowl does it, doesn't mean you should do it too, is my opinion. Erebus feels like it copies antiquated map design and I believe suffers for it. When people were hoping to complete their contracts before the map ended so they could avoid the map, that looks like a bad sign. And truly, I don't want to defend the last point on the 3rd stage for 20 minutes, nor do I enjoy backcapping *because* I don't want to play that long.

3 stage maps take a lot of work, and I am still glad to see something new this Halloween. Truly most of my negativity bias comes from the same issues of Dustbowl or Egypt - you have to be in the mood to play those kinds of maps. If I treat this as Halloween Dustbowl, I like it. I just don't see myself coming back to this map often because of that long round time. I'd rather spend that time on other enjoyable maps.