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It's the 3rd chapter of the stone series!

  1. ics
    Welcome to the 3rd installment of the stoneā„¢ series, Gravestone! A barrel born 2nd cousin of the maps Hellstone and Brimstone, from the deep waters of the underworld!

    Battle against your worst and only enemy, BLU (or RED, if you are BLU), only to find out that the rounds never end when they should! Instead, you meet in the underworld on agonizing bumper car race to the top of the underworld mansion! May the first (best) team win who gets on top first! But there is a catch! Winner of the normal world gets a head start! So you want to win, to be able to win again! Muahahaha!

    Get moving and push that cart into that cauldron or stop that getting pushed in! Prepare for the race. Start your engines, three, two, one! GO! Race on top of the mansion!

    Map features:

    - Spell cauldrons that dispense spells on different areas all over the map!
    - Custom payload cart with scrumpy, potions and scary chemistry set on it
    - Witch cauldron with explosive cookings brewing inside of it
    - Our horseless friend might come up for a visit whenever it wants to! (rare)
    - A pit of deadly dropdown to die for!
    - Sharp haunted sawblades that you should keep an eye out, because they might take your head out!
    - Tick tock clock, opening doors and coffins to underworld on every midnight! Head for the light!
    - Eye-catching "Lady of the lake-eye" might come and visit! (rare)
    - Spooky ghosts spawning any area of the map!
    - Skeletons to hunt you down in the underworld, should you not participate in the race!
    - Meramus the wizard, keeping you company as announcing events and possibly messing up your games in the underworld bumper car race!

    Map designed, built and monsterfied by ICS
    Minecart model, sawblade model, small cauldron model & animation by Sheltr
    Particle effects for cauldrons and for the payload cart by Exactol
    Custom payload cart and big cauldron model by AsG_Alligator
    Custom decals by Diva Dan
    Cousin ITT from certain family, played by WeryBigMonk (the bug hunter)

    Enjoy halloween mortals, because it will be your last! This is the final map of the trilogy.


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