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  1. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Spacefort a7

    This map is still WIP and it will take many other versions until it's fully finished. It also features ports from Black Mesa, such as props, characters, textures and the Xen skybox. Credits are coming soon -- more info coming soon -- As always, you can add suggestions for improvements: )
  2. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Packing HL2 textures

    Hello there, I'm creating a TF2 map using the citadel textures from HL2 (those pre-installed in TF2). Should I pack all texture-vpk files or do I have to extract them? Is it neccessary they should be packed?
  3. Emil_Rusboi

    Crossfire b6_fix

    Remake of HLDM map - dm_Crossfire Somewhere... on Lovely farm facility... 2 Teams have built facades for their evil plan - destroy each other. They got a huge nuclear missile and their task - Destroy all enemy team or deploy a nuke... Appreciation to: Generic Farm assets - Squeezit Tractor...
  4. AsG_Alligator

    TF2-ized props_wasteland rocks 2018-03-19

    Just a quick thing I did for my own use, but im fairly sure a lot of people will find these useful. A few notes: These rocks use tiling textures, therefore no AO is present. They will not work with prop lightmaps either due to shared UV space. They are a lot more blocky and rough,with very...
  5. Sage J. Fox

    Half-Life 2 Themed Pack v1

    It seems that somewhere between the Badlands and City 17, there was a bit of a teleporter mixup! The zip file contains a vpk file for your custom folder that includes normal and Halloween replacements for the small healthkit. Yes, just the small sadly, wanted to make more for the Jam but real...