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Guise a2

This isn't an April Fools map! What gave you such a crazy idea?! Who let you in here!?

(The text file was corrupted. This was all you could salvage.)

@Bash : Gsv tfrhv szh yvvm xlnkilnrhvw; Wlm'g ovg gsvn urmw lfg zylfg gsv hvxivg.

Rotator13 :Nyevtug. Vavgvngvat "Cebgbpby Nznytnzngr". Jnvg, jurer ner lbh xrrcvat gur pungybtf?
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Player Destruction
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 2: Yngr-cevy Sbbyf Pbzrgu

    I'll be removing the screenshots today, as they don't properly reflect the current version. They're also grainy and unpleasing to the eye. ------ - Greatly extended map length - Added another exit to spawn - Clipped the tower in middle of the...