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Greenstone B1_reupload

Now with less Jimijam :(

  1. The re-update!

    Reuploaded because my legacy will live on in the hearts of millions.
  2. Tidepool is now Greenstone!

    The map is now in Beta!

    Tidepool has been renamed to Greenstone, after being rebuilt from the ground up in the Mayan theme. Two teams battle over a temple they each plan to use for their own nefarious purposes...

    Tug-of-War gamemode advice by fubarFX, who also provided specific entities for this map. Author of other TOW maps Dogbread and...
  3. A5

    Alpha 5 Changelog:
    -Added health and ammo around the map
    -Removed some routes (blocked off)
    -Added alarms for when the cart is near each of the final points
    -Extended drop-down structures outside of spawns
    -Raised barriers outside of spawns
    -Replaced paint patch on grate bridge
    -Miscellaneous changes


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