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  1. Rhamkin

    Koth_forgetten A4A

    Welcome to this forgotten mayan temple with in the old days the people from this temple where searching about immortality so now red and blu mercs are here to open the doors of the temple to try and get what the mayans found out
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Brkeen Chevap (Second Encounter Version) a1

    Yet another recreation of a Serious Sam deathmatch map this time being Brkeen Chevap in its Second Encounter version. 2x DB Shotgun spawns 1x Grenade Launcher spawn 1x Rocket launcher spawn
  3. dasmxd_

    Mayan - Aztec Assets

    Hello everyone! Does anyone still have the 'TF2 Mayan' assets? The original downloadlink here is down and maps, including the files are not able to properly decompile with embedded files. I need the models and materials to recompile or create maps in HDR for SFM...
  4. Inky The Moth

    koth_pillars v1

    A map featuring a Mayan theme with Mayan architecture, featuring many tall structures as well as plenty of pillars for cover. Including 5 unique areas to fight in all of them having plenty of pillars because of course pillars are the best thing. This is the first version of this map and will be...
  5. Lugenstein

    Model MayannProject Assets

    I can't seem to find any downloads for the MayannProject. Since the download on the forum page was deleted to have the assets downloaded from which has now closed down, I can't find any other way to acquire the assets. Wondering if anyone has some of the files laying...
  6. Pigzit

    Araguaia A2C3

    My first ever map! The first released Alpha version of my new KOTH Map for the 72HR Summer Jam. Steam Description: The BLU team and the RED team have both happened across a Mayann Temple after exploring the jungles and caves. Decide who gets to keep it in KOTH Araguaia! Planned...
  7. 200

    Aqua final

    If you ever tried to rocket jump for a decent amount of time, you probably know how glitchy the water is - it allows you to gain insane speed, jump very high and glide on its surface without touching the ground. Yes, it may not have the desired high level of detailing because it is very big...
  8. ArskaWarrior

    cave A4

    map made whit mayan theme there is actually not much of "caves", but I have thought adding more. few credits: mayan props: frontline props:
  9. 9_Loves

    maniac swamp V1.0.0

    fight to the death over some random tomb in the jungle swamp, because that's what people do!! right? I'm not the only one that thinks that normal?? guys??
  10. Kube

    TempleTown A2

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! koth_oryx, now more temple-y.
  11. Narpas

    ctf_riversideruins A2

    A capture the flag map set in Mayan ruins on a riverside
  12. GooGuGajoob

    Arena Volcano B4c

    In the fiery pits of a volcano comes the ultimate arena for a show-down! Arena Volcano features no control point, and instead features rising lava. Instead of a cap_enabler, the lava instead pushes players to one of two sides of a bridge a-top the Volcano where they must fight to the death in...
  13. Funnystuf

    Collapsed A2

    I'm starting over, making a better map. I'm leaving this here to anyone can try it out if they want, but I'm probably not going to come back and work on it. My first map, designed for the Mayann Project. It uses props and textures from the Mayann Asset Pack and I believe one or two items from...
  14. Simulacron

    Mayan pack problems

    So I tried out the mayan pack and everything works fine, all models apear in game and in hammer, but if I use the model: "models/props_temple/doorway_m.mdl" I get the following error in the compile log If I check it on I get the following problem: It also seems like only this...
  15. Yabayabayaba

    Mayan Floors

    So I got the Mayan pack, and it doesn't come with floors, so I was wondering what everyone thought the best floor texture would be. The pictures in the Mayan pack use a cobble like the medievalcobblestone2 I am currently using. I however am not satisfied with it and am interested in the experts...
  16. D3M1G0D

    Mayann Themed Map Concept

    Hey all! The facepunch thread told me to post this idea here, and this is my first ever post on tf2m so I apologize if I break a rule. So I have a pretty stupid idea for a new gamemode and map specifically for the Mayann update. So stupid in fact that I'm not even sure it would qualify as a new...
  17. Viemärirotta

    Castillo a2

    Mercs fightin' each other inside a worn out temple devoted to Kukulkan the feathered serpent. Definetly it's safe and stuff, right? koth_castillo takes place in a old temple located in Chicken Itza. Has a cool effect where capturing the point makes the serpent statues blow fire on the enemy...
  18. benjijedi

    A Fridge and/or an Indiana Jones styled hat

    As the title reads, I am using it for: Why I need it: I am gonna put it in the spawns as a reference to indiana jones
  19. Ploomutoo

    CTF: Temple 2016-04-24

    Welcome to CTF: Temple, a rather small flag-capturing map. At the core of the map is a classic "layer-cake" style temple, with a densely forested area at the foot of its spire. Most action will take place on the main bridge, but flank routes are available, so that lighter classes can access the...
  20. Kube

    Greenstone B1_reupload

    This map is now part of Kube's Fumble Bundle! Now in Beta! In Greenstone (formerly Tidepool), two teams battle over a temple they each plan to use for their own nefarious purposes... Greenstone features the Tug-O-War custom gamemode. Two teams fight to push a single cart that starts out in...