Gravel Ditch a3a

ever wanted a map so small you can trimp across it and kill some one respawning?

  1. Minor fixes

  2. Last Hail Mary

    -made capture area larger
    -made capture point larger
    -reverter spawn
    -shortened respawn from 12 to 6
    -shortened capture time from 6 to 3
    -capture turbine is now climbable
    -widened some doorways
    -removed large health kit
    -made balcony accessible to heavies
    -added sniper perch near spawn
  3. Size Change

    -marked the control point trigger(were some confusion over where people could cap)
    -pillars were moved back to make the ditch a bit bigger
    -spawns were moved back and new building were built to separate
    -pickups moved further away from the point
    -capture time decrease from 12 to 6 second
    -full health kit added to balcony
    -and other minor changes