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  1. bajablink

    Powers 2022-05-26

    Austin Powers, I have bought red team. I advise you to start running. -Dr. Evil :mad: Both teams are bought by Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. Red- Dr. Evil Blu- Austin Powers The winner gets mini me. Inspiration(s)- Austin Powers (Plot) 2Fort (Decoration) Upward (Decoration) Bagel (Gameplay)...
  2. Owli

    Gravel Ditch a3a

    ever wanted a map so small you can trimp across it and kill some one respawning?
  3. Geaital Eyes

    Bagel Venus B1

    A King of the Hill map with a venus theme. You're still in with a venus planet. Please and Galacticraft contact information take that you. so even with a outer space. Custom Assets: Venus Textures The Frontline! Pack
  4. SunriseWatchWater

    Bagel Doku B1

    A King of the Hill Map with a dokucraft theme You're probably pretty play game good Minecraft with a resource pack dokucraft. You she expected to take that though you. I'm excited to play some doku texture and that you. Custom Assets: Dokucraft Textures 1.16 version. The Frontline! Pack.
  5. LaughableNineSeal44

    Bagel Minecraft B2

    You the minecraft textures. early generations range was the to away thats you with the same time as my PureBDcraft wedding day. The same kind it takes some sort like real re patch text near side you. Custom Assets: PureBDcraft Textures by Sphax
  6. LaughableNineSeal44

    Bagel BDcraft B1

    VMF Test Map I'm start map. Assets: PureBDcraft Textures
  7. TwinMill

    DeathBagel A2

    "So... it's like a bagel... of death?" "Honestly? I have no idea." Felt like mapping this weekend and cranked out a lazy project. Don't really anticipate this going anywhere, doing it more to test out a few theories. Partially inspired by koth_bagel, but named deathbagel because that was almost...