gladstone b8

a harvest inspired koth map with fast and fun fights

  1. Beta 8!

    so it's been a while....nearly a year in the works but at last, Gladstone B8 is here! Thank you for everyone who helped me through this huge change!

    -new lighting
    -established the theme more with some outside details.
    -Changed the skybox
    -removed all dev textures
    -completely changed the side huts to add more hight variation for mid.
    -added some new detailing and props
    -new clipping
    -made the loading platform by the Warehouses bigger for more hight variations
    -changed the...
  2. oops

    just a small thing to fix a small clipping issue
  3. Beta at last!!

    it has taken me a long time to get to this point but here we are! finally in beta! Thank you all those who have helped me get to this stage with the map, I can not be grateful enough for all the help.

    -new lighting
    -established the theme more, the map takes place at a fuel depot now.
    -removed all dev textures
    -completely redesigned the spawn rooms due to bad brushwork
    -new mid building due to brushwork issues
    -new lighting
    -added some new detailing and props
    -new clipping
  4. A14

    Thank you to all that gave feedback on this map!

    -Raised the ground of the missile house to try and create more interesting terrain
    -Added some more props for the same reason
    -a complete overhaul of spawn to avoid everyone getting shoehorned into the same one route
    -added health packs at mid so players don't have to go all the way back to the base to heal up.
  5. small fix

    just a small change due to some very helpful feedback.

    -changed the direction of the doors to battlements
    -fixed a few textures
    -added a ramp to the midpoint (from the flatbed to the platform)
    -blocked projectiles from going under the point to stop hidden sticky traps.
  6. oops

    Simple problem fix.
    -removed some old clipping from A12 that I missed
    -removed a small camping spot
  7. A13 update

    Thank you so much to all that gave feedback on this map!
    I am forever grateful and can't thank you all enough!

    -removed the sun as it was blinding players
    -lowered the roof of mid
    -removed some useless props in the bases and mid to reduce noise
    -removed some unused walkways
    -changed the doors into the battlements to try and help with visibility
    -changed the placement of some health packs to try and make them easier to find
    -changed some of the textures to improve overall looks.
  8. The File fix....part 3

    -fixed a small clipping issue that made the map unbalanced
  9. The bigger is better update!

    Heya, it's been a while since I last updated the map, this is due to school and other issues. but I'm back!
    Anyway, here are the changes:

    -Made the distance between the battlements and mid longer
    -Moved the spawn further back to increase the time it takes to get to mid
    -changed and added some props to shut off sightlines
    -completely reworked the spawn courtyard
    -changed and overhauled the clipping
    -moved the boxes at the back of the battlements for ease of movement

    hope you enjoy
  10. The File fix....again

    another file fix. man i need to get better at this XD