gladstone a11b

a harvest inspired koth map with fast and fun fights

  1. The File fix....again

    another file fix. man i need to get better at this XD
  2. A11 update

    Heya, it's been a while since I last updated the map.
    Anyway, here's the changes

    -Changed the lighting
    -New clipping
    -added new textures
    -Blocked off some long sightlines

  3. The Quick update!

    -Changed some textures
    -changed broken lighting
    -removed pointless clipping
    -blocked some more sight lines
  4. better lighting

    -made further lighting changes
  5. The roof update

    -Improved lighting
    -changed the textures to help with the layout
    -Heavily improved mid
    -Lowered the roof
    -Added a new entrance to the point
    -Got rid of the side rooms on mid​
    -closed off some sight lines leading to spawns
    -added more clipping
  6. The File fix

    -Fixed issue with the download file
    -Brand new Lighting
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  7. Update

    Thank you so much to all that gave feedback on this map!
    I am forever grateful

    -Added some new props over the loading doors to avoid confusion
    -Removed the small health by cap
    -Added new clipping to block off pointless roofs
    -Blocked the OP sightline from cap to spawn
    -Optimized the map more
    -added new textures
    -Sped up cap time from 12 seconds to 10
    -Replaced the broken error prop.