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  1. FamyCHoff

    Winter Harvest Smissmas 2022! 2022-07-24

    reskin of the official tf2 map under the winter theme! Saved default textures. thanks for the content from the site "tf2maps": https://tf2maps.net/downloads/static-birthday-gibs.11900/ https://tf2maps.net/downloads/wabbles-small-smissmass-pack.11995/...
  2. Rhamkin

    Dm_Soil a2

    funny open fortress map
  3. bajablink

    Powers 2022-05-26

    Austin Powers, I have bought red team. I advise you to start running. -Dr. Evil :mad: Both teams are bought by Austin Powers and Dr. Evil. Red- Dr. Evil Blu- Austin Powers The winner gets mini me. Inspiration(s)- Austin Powers (Plot) 2Fort (Decoration) Upward (Decoration) Bagel (Gameplay)...
  4. ethosaur

    trade_balloonfarm 2021-08-16

    Based on my original map from VRChat "Ethosaurs balloon farm" This is a recreation of that map, this was a quick 24 hour project I wanted to do, and here it is! Ride the balloon ride, run through the fields, or just enjoy the view of Balloon farm, now in TF2! Cozy...
  5. IL momentum

    how to make harvest a proper koth competitive map

    recently i wanted to make harvest a proper 6v6 map but i dont know how so if you have ideas pls tell me
  6. *Turns into crocodile*

    railgate a2

    Oh no! BLU accidentally set the train's path into RED's territory, and the RED team won't let the train pass. It's time for BLU to get the gate to open it manually by capping the point. But they'll have to be quick! We don't want the train to crash into the gate.
  7. Loafy

    Decay A3b

    First map I properly tried to make and got to a playable stage. Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any complaints in the comments or something.
  8. XEnderFaceX

    Adding Hint/Skip creates more Numportals

    Hey, Im trying to learn how to optimize my Maps with Hint/Skip, So i put alot of Hint/Skip into my current map, similar to how Harvest does it, But for me it increased like 3000 Numportals, making it 6000 in total, but Harvest only has 2000. What am i doing wrong?, am i placing them Wrong? I...
  9. Spleep

    Porridge (OLD) A1

    arena_porridge is a harvest style, sawmill inspired arena map. It was developed over a few weeks, and I think it should play well. Might also work as a koth map. Don't ask why I called it porridge. NOTE: This map is now a koth map. The new version can be found here
  10. Cindycomma

    Sweetheart A4

    A syrup farm that takes place in Iowa of all places The main goal of the map is open areas with reasonable sightlines, there are also plenty of smaller areas for the close-range classes to use to their advantage. Alpha 1 screenshots Feedback is appreciated, stay frosty!
  11. FunkEdge

    gladstone b8

    After receiving a train of rocket fuel, both red & blue teams have to fight over the fuel so they can keep trying to blow each other up! Gladstone is a Badlands/Foundry KotH map with a focus on fast and hectic fights!
  12. ~curlysnail

    cp_october a1

    October is a 2 CP A/D map set in a farm, intended to be Harvest-y when detailed! After a 3 month mapping block October finally kicked my mapping drive into gear. Harvest is one of my favourite maps if only for the theme so I hope to take this one far!
  13. Elia

    72hr Dubbel Trubbel Harvest 2017-02-12

    Dubbel Trubbel Harvest So what is this? Well, this is a joke gamemode that i was talking about to a friend of mine. The intention of this map is to create more teamwork in the teams. How am i wanting to do that? Well 2 objectives will work. not? So you still have the middle point that you can...
  14. Blazz

    Harvest Ghost 2017-02-10

    Hi everyone, This is my second picture to the entry of TF2Maps Jam (Made with Gmod)
  15. AsG_Alligator

    Minefest b1

    Tag line says it all: its Harvest, with around 50 landmines scattered around the map (some in quite unfair places). There is a counter in each spawn showing how many mines were stepped on. Have fun (or probably not).
  16. Duck-Joke

    Got some problems while making a remake...

    So right now i'm trying to make a remake of harvest with a frontline and mann vs machine theme, but i have an issue. I can't really use the decompiled version of harvest, because it automaticly causes bugs and leaks when you alter it, so how do you remake it then? I know, that other people, that...