Giant Drill

Giant Drill 2020-12-01

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Giant Drill 2020-12-01

Large Spytech Drill Prop

IMPORTANT: This model is not made by me. It was created by Shmitz. All credit for the model goes to him. I reuploaded it here with his permission.

A colossal spytech-themed drill model. It's hollow inside, so you can fill it up with whatever you want. The doorway is 104 HU wide and 128 HU tall.

It comes in three parts:

drill_cab is the main body. It has a RED and BLU Skin (and two more, nonfunctional skins)

drill_bit is the main, actual drill part. Since its separate, you can probably get it to spin using game logic.

drill_treads is for the treads on the sides of the cab. It's only one model, but you can copy-paste it and have it at a 45° angle compared to the main drill to work.
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