Flowdust a6d

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- Lowered mid area by a few hammer units, hopefully this will not give defenders as much as a height advantage and some buildings had to be reworked. This may had open new Sniper sightlines.
  • Building to right of mid has a mini dropdown, hopefully this will slowdown flankers who use this route. It does have a bit of a prop jump to get back up.
  • Building to left of mid has a small stair case.
- Reworked the top of the tower a bit, made the dropdown a bit wider and players will need to jump to their enemies' walkway to flank.
- Made the length to point a bit smaller, should take about 12 to 14 seconds for a player to reach point.
- Combined the lobby and transition building into a single building.
- Made a few doorways wider.
- Closed off the room from the building with an arrow on it.
- Building to left of mid had a doorway removed and a window added. Made the area within the building a bit wider. Also added a bit of asymmetrical detailing :> .
- Removed a health and ammobox from the building right of mid.
- Made the cubbies to the left and right of point a bit smaller.
So the boot drive, the ssd which the map's vmf file was saved on, decided to die. Due to this, development on Flowdust will be halted. Flowdust will need to be created from the ground up again if Flowdust's vmf file was deleted (which it probably is ;-; ).

Edit: Might be able to recover the vmf with a USB to SATA device, unknown if it may work though.
- Made the bridge above point a drop down
- Removed water in a corridor and made it lower
- Added a flank that looks over point
- Made some doors towards point wider
- Added a single room for detailing to help convey the theme of the map
- Map was made a bit smaller
  • Because of this change some buildings, such as the building towards 2nd courtyard, has their interiors changed a bit
  • Connector building from the right of spawn had its exit changed from the right to the left and added a downwards ramp
  • Stairs in the building of 2nd courtyard were changed
  • Need to determine if map should be made shorter based on more feedback
- Changed props from props_dynamic to prop_static (Thanks Tiftid for the heads up!)
- Added some geometry help block some sniper sightlines (Thank you Waffe and medic enjoyer!)
- Added windows in the upper tower and made the ramp/stair to it a bid wider
- Added a window in the building to the right of point that hopefully shows players there is a path to the tower above
- Added some signs to help direct players to point
- Moved an ammo and health pack on top of a ledge instead of below it in 2nd courtyard's area
- Moved all of mid a few hammer units down
- Removed the downwards ramps at 2nd courtyard to make the area an equal height