Flowdust a6c

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- Added areaportals to for opimization
- Removed some clipping on top of the big pipes on mid (this is mostly a experimental change)
- Did some """minor""" detailing
  • Spawn, the Building which holds spawn, the left route, the building with the large ammo pack, have been given a few textures/detailing
A small update really
- Moved the med healthpack that was within the "shed" into the room with the large ammo kit, hopefully this will help players find med kits easier

- Removed the health and ammo kit that were near spawn at the window, this was done to weaken flankers (Will look closely at this change, might end up hurting attackers instead of flankers)

- Changed the geometry of the main entrance towards mid to weaken sightlines and to make the front of mid feel less open than before (Will look closely at this change, might have made mid feel cramped)

- Fixed players from camping on top of spawn room doors (Thank you Gruppy!)
- The top of the "nipple" point was made a bit higher
- Closed off a flank from the perch into the small room after the small ammo kit and added a medium health kit
- Combined the room with the mini dropdown and the small room near mid
- Added pipe props to the sides of the boxes near mid to
- Slightly moved the pipe props in the room with the large ammo kit
- Added big pipes on top of the boxes near mid (might remove later as they are a bit funky with their LODs)
- The spot near mid that was occupied by a lonely barrel prop has been changed into something more complex (100% Speed Classes can use these props to assist in jumping on top of the point)
- The upper bridge with the drop down has been removed, will need to see how this turns out as it was also a flank route
- Removed a prop from the mini drop down with the small ammo kit to make it harder for a player to flank into their enemy's building
- Added a flank route in the room that watched over point which now connects to the room that was previously used to reach the upper bridge area
- Made the door that previously housed the upper bridge area wider
- Changed the fence grates to be a straight line instead of a small straight line and then a curve, added a prop to make up for the open space to reduce the openness of mid
- Moved some pipe props on the stairs to the upper area so players can't stand and camp a door
- Added another railing prop in the room with mini drop down and small ammo kit
- Reworked the upper area drop down
- Added a small lip to the sniper perch
- Slightly reduced the size of a wall downwards of the overheads near point
- Minor Geometry changes
  • Made the windows in the building above point a bit larger
  • Added a window within the building above point
  • Lowered some ground, and added very small path along both spawns
- Minor detailing on the rightmost path out of spawn on RED's side
- General geometry changes
  • Area around point was lowered a bit
  • Made the door near the left of point (building with the large ammo box) bigger
  • Height of the railing from the first building to the high ground was reduced a bit
  • Expanded the width of a wall near the large ammo box, also redesigned a set of stairs near said wall
- Hopefully fixed issues caused by the grate texture by placing a blockbullet brush
- Added a small brush in mid to make it feel less open
- Readjusted the spawn points to be closer to each other and now contains 12 spawn points instead of 16
- Added a set of small stairs within the building to the right of mid
- Changed a crate prop into a keg prop
- Added some small detailing in the first building
- Reorganized and added a prop to a spot players can hide outside of spawn
- Added railing to make it a bit harder for flankers who try to enter the first building from the prop jump
- Readjusted the height of the fences at mid
- Added a small ammo crate to the building with the prop jump/drop down

*notes: Still wondering on what to do with the upper building above point. Not sure to keep it, rework it, or remove it.
- Removed some brushes around mid too make point more open and feel less cramped, added a sign that blocks a sightline to accommodate for this.
- Raised the capture point hologram prop up to rid the problem of the hologram messing with sightlines. Also added brushes beneath and on top of the capture point prop which provides some cover however might have made the capture zone itself feel cramped.
- Reworked the upper building above point a bit.
- Added a upper mid area near point to give snipers and players some high ground.
  • Bridges were added that lead to the new high ground.
- Small geometry changes for the building near spawn and building to left of point.
- Reopened the room that was closed up in a4, the medium ammo near the building was removed and the medium healthpack was moved into the building.
- Added clipping to areas that were supposed to be inaccessible.
- Added a bit more signage.
- Fixed an issue with a well door near spawn working incorrectly.
- Lowered mid area by a few hammer units, hopefully this will not give defenders as much as a height advantage and some buildings had to be reworked. This may had open new Sniper sightlines.
  • Building to right of mid has a mini dropdown, hopefully this will slowdown flankers who use this route. It does have a bit of a prop jump to get back up.
  • Building to left of mid has a small stair case.
- Reworked the top of the tower a bit, made the dropdown a bit wider and players will need to jump to their enemies' walkway to flank.
- Made the length to point a bit smaller, should take about 12 to 14 seconds for a player to reach point.
- Combined the lobby and transition building into a single building.
- Made a few doorways wider.
- Closed off the room from the building with an arrow on it.
- Building to left of mid had a doorway removed and a window added. Made the area within the building a bit wider. Also added a bit of asymmetrical detailing :> .
- Removed a health and ammobox from the building right of mid.
- Made the cubbies to the left and right of point a bit smaller.