Flowdust a6b

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Flowdust a6b

King of the Hill

A standard King of the Hill map.

This is also my first map I've submitted and I would appreciate criticism.
The layout somewhat follows the viaduct formula as I've heard it is an easy formula to follow for new mappers.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. a6b

    - Moved the med healthpack that was within the "shed" into the room with the large ammo kit, hopefully this will help players find med kits easier - Removed the health and ammo kit that were near spawn at the window, this was done to weaken...
  2. a6a

    - The top of the "nipple" point was made a bit higher - Closed off a flank from the perch into the small room after the small ammo kit and added a medium health kit - Combined the room with the mini dropdown and the small room near mid - Added...
  3. a6: Bridge No More

    - The upper bridge with the drop down has been removed, will need to see how this turns out as it was also a flank route - Removed a prop from the mini drop down with the small ammo kit to make it harder for a player to flank into their enemy's...